Welcome to Working Therapies

The primary aim of Working Therapies is to bring about change for individuals, groups and organisations. Our workshops have been designed to reduce stress and create change and can be specifically tailored to suit your purpose. As therapists we are passionate about reducing stress in society, both in the workplace and outside.

We have created a number of transformative workshops we believe will help you overcome the challenges that hinder and hold you back. Whether on a personal level or on a larger organisational scale, blocks cause stagnation, prevent flow and disrupt creativity. With the help of our workshops we believe that you will be better equipped to foster a greater degree of communication and cooperation among your circles, be they social or organisational.

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Working Therapies in your Workplace

At Working Therapies our main aim is to work with you to provide wellness in the workplace for you and your workforce.
We work to reduce stress and improve communication in organisations, promoting positivity and wellbeing by providing workshops, training and team building days that are specifically designed for you and your business.

Working Therapies Workshops & Retreats

We run a number of retreats and workshops in various locations throughout the UK. Our intention is to provide a space for you to connect on a deeper level to who you really are, to facilitate dialogue with the unconscious, so that you can become your best possible self, realise your own potential and succeed in the areas that are presently out of reach.