About Us


We, (Liza and Trudy), both practice privately as therapists, but have joined together as Working Therapies to bring you something we believe is quite different. Combining a number of therapeutic techniques and our own understanding of personal and professional challenges we run a number of workshops, retreats and corporate events to support change and ultimately reduce stress.

Working Therapies works both with you as an individual in creating transformative retreats, and your organisation by providing workshops to reduce stress and open pathways in thinking that help overcome everyday challenges.

In terms of the workplace, as a team ourselves, we offer our own experience of team management, excellent communication skills and therapeutic understanding. With a passion for people we are motivated by reducing the negative impacts of stress and creating harmony.

Having worked at senior management level in what might be described as stressful environments ourselves, we want to share our experience and assist you in improving your individual and collective well-being.

On a personal level, our life experiences and understanding of challenges that block growth, put us in the perfect position to help you by providing accessible and affordable events for your own personal growth and development.

We work closely with a number of associates, who are specialists in their own fields to provide you with the best service to meet your needs.



Liza Aitken


Trudy Glenister