Liza Aitken


Liza Aitken

About Liza

Liza has worked extensively in Therapeutic Residential Care / Educational settings as an Operations Manager and more recently External Consultant supporting business development. She is also experienced in sales in terms of building trusting relationships within an organisation and with external partners. She has experience in retail management and property development, understanding the importance of creating the best possible environment for growth. She has extensive knowledge of organisational challenges, having the ability to balance the needs of a business with, high quality service provision while keeping the goals of an organisation in mind. Liza is experienced in developing teams, working with teams and individual team members.

As a trauma specialist, Liza is able to use highly developed communication skills to introduce new ideas and ways of working.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, she understands the importance of language and suggestion in working with groups and individuals and that for something to become part of you, it needs to be understood at a deeper more mindful level. Liza uses her understanding of trauma and how this affects how we function both as individuals and within teams.

Liza has a private practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach where she works with individuals, working intuitively with clients to support personal growth. Liza is passionate about helping those recovering from trauma move on to live more fulfilling lives.