Stress, the mountain we all have to climb

If someone ever tells you they live a stress-free lifestyle, you’re either speaking to the latest incarnation of the Buddha or a liar. The truth is that stress is a universal constant in our shared human experience; an undefinable but immediately familiar emotional state. It is important to note that stress, though considered a harsh and unfortunate element of our daily lives, can actually be a positive aspect to existence, a motivating factor that forces you to confront difficult tasks and situations head-on.

Everything must come in moderation, of course, and unfortunately there are many kinds of stress that only serve to teach you that you are, in fact, stressed. We would all like the ability to gracefully confront all of life’s hurdles and trials with a lucid peacefulness, and the truth is we are all born with the coping mechanisms necessary to managing these difficulties, it is simply a matter of relearning what a lifetime of obligation and compromise has lead us to forget.

No one is immune to stress, in fact in order to live something resembling an ordinary life one must confront stressful situations. Common causes of stress include:

  • A loved one’s passing
  • Relationship troubles and divorce
  • Moving home
  • Getting married
  • Serious injury and chronic pain
  • Problems with work and home finances
  • Emotional difficulties such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and guilt

If you can look through that list and not find a single thing that has affected you then we must congratulate you on your charmed life! Most of us, however, will have felt the sting of at least one or more of these common stress triggers. Much like life, stress comes at you fast. Even happy events and times of celebration can bring about undue stress which makes life seem like a difficult burden. Prospective brides often suffer breakdowns in the lead-up to their ceremony; new mothers often go through terrible postpartum depression following the birth of their child; the busiest time of year for emotional crisis and suicide hotlines are during the winter festivals, when the financial and societal pressures of Christmas and the looming New Year send thousands into deep, dark pits of stressful misery every year.

Here at Working Therapies our passion lies in the development and practice of retreats and workshops that can grant you the mental and emotional toolset necessary to facing these stresses head-on, confident and pragmatic in your approach. The human brain, oftentimes a maelstrom of emotions, hormonal filters and paranoiac perceptions, can very easily frame the causes of your stress as a vast Mount Everest of impossible problems. What we seek is to teach you how to truly see the mountain; as a molehill which casts a long, black shadow over your mind and moods. Once we’ve taught you how to truly see, you’ll finally perceive the molehill for what it is, and you will wonder how it ever caused you such terror as you effortlessly step over it.

Many people are reluctant to address unreasonable stress in their lives for a multitude of reasons. Often people believe that their problem doesn’t warrant a solution such as a retreat or therapy session, that they should just ‘toughen up’ somehow and ‘get over it’. Don’t do this to yourself; the very fact that you are experiencing stress which is causing a prolonged and negative effect on your life is the only thing that matters, not the cause. Stress can not only bring about mental anguish and physical pain but can emanate from you to those you work and live with. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to seek a constructive and creative solution to the stress which is making life unbearable.

We at Working Therapies are trauma informed therapists; in our working experiences we have encountered innumerable forms of stress and emotional turmoil and are confident that no one is defenceless in the battle against their own inflamed perceptions of life’s trials. We offer a wide variety of different therapeutic approaches and retreats, from multi-day retreats to those which take place over just a few hours, in which you can develop a vast assortment of powerful and effective mental and emotional tools. As trained and qualified therapists we also offer one-on-one therapy sessions in which we can give you our total focus and help you realise the strengths you had within all along, with techniques ranging from traditional therapeutic discussions to hypnotherapy and Future Life Progression. Don’t hesitate to contact us today so that we can discuss your case and requirements and arrange a session which is appropriate for your issues and schedule.