Trudy Glenister


Trudy Glenister

About Trudy

Trudy has experience in corporate world management, working for QinetiQ firstly as a Compliance Co-coordinator through to Environmental Trials Manager.

She is an experienced manager in the Healthcare sector.  She also has experience of event planning as an events manager and has more recently set up her own private therapeutic practice.

Trudy has developed her skills as a result of her own life experience, working in high pressured environments, before retraining to be a therapist.  This personal transformation has brought her to the point in which she is able to share her understanding of trauma and stress as a therapist, trainer and workshop facilitator.

Trudy has trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psy-TaP and FLP Practitioner and has a commitment to her own continued development.

As an experience trainer with highly exceptional communication skills, Trudy has a passion for building teams and inspiring excellence. As a therapist she continues to recognize the importance building self-worth and self-belief in individuals and teams.

Having a complete understanding of the pressures companies are under to deliver services, she offers solutions to enable employees to stay healthy at work.